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This refers to the tasks undertaken before production begins. Exactly what is included in this stage depends on the medium and situation. For a small video company, pre-production may refer to everything that happens before shooting begins, for example, meeting with the client, research, storyboarding, location planning, etc. For feature films, pre-production is more specific and only begins when other milestones have been met such as financing, screenplay, casting and major staffing. In this case pre-production includes:

  • Location scouting
  • Prop and wardrobe identification & preparation
  • Special effects identification and preparation
  • Production schedule and Set construction
  • Script-locking (semi-finalisation of the script)
  • Script read-through with cast, director and other interested parties.

Editing & Colour Grading

Editing: Our editors work closely with directors and producers to ensure the structure, narrative, pace and mood of the film matches the original brief. Our own in-house editing facilities mean we can deliver film in any format or resolution and work to tight deadlines.

Grading: Achieving the right colour contrast makes all the difference to the final film, which is why we focus on perfectly enhancing or adjusting the colours and tones to produce broadcast standard films.


Once your shoot is in the can, we can assist in turning your assets into the finished masterpiece you imagined. We can assist with any part of your production from editing, recuts, grading, score, titles, graphics, visual effects, sound mix, assembly, digital delivery, etc. We work with award winning post production houses and professionals with decades of experience.

Our in-house studio offers a full range of post production services, including editing, compositing, sound design and colour grading. Overseen by our production team, we are diligent in producing only the very best work.

Step 1 Planning & Strategy

Picking the right story-line and script writer. A professional product should be strive for the best possible standards. Furthermore, we have devised several cost saving methods to achieve this. 

Step 2 Equipment & Crew

Irrespective of scale or scope, we can produce an entire feature film for you, support any stage in your production lifecycle or provide a specific service that will separate your project from the pack and give it that edge to be successful. We can even help you secure a distribution deal. Using the required cast &  crew to deliver an effective and commercially viable movie.

Step 3 Release & Promotion

The most important aspects of movie production are often overlooked and this can hamper your chances of international distribution, festival acceptance, awards and future investment. Editing, grading & sound scoring to be delivered.


Staff delivery

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