The 3 Kings


3 KINGS is a movie that centre’s around 3 cousins, Alex King, Stephen King & Martin Luther King. Alex King is the eldest and most mature and the one who has been providing for the house which they live in. Stephen is a bit of a rebel and rather free minded. Doesn’t work but somehow knows just what to do to get money. Martin is a geek and a boy genius named after Martin Luther King by his geeky father before him.
Alex has been out of job for a while searching for a new job. He gives his last £20 pounds to Martin to buy MacDonald’s for them three for breakfast. Unfortunately, Martin is bullied by neighbour kids who smack the package right out of his hands and rides over it. Upon getting home, the discovery is not met well by Alex.
Alex is forced to do a cringing job for an elderly neighbour Mrs Thompson in exchange for £50 which ultimately makes the other two boys laugh at him. Upon getting home, Stephen questions their situation and suggests they do a job for a drug boss called Snow White against Alex’s will, but after hearing that it will reward them with £20,000, Alex reluctantly agrees to take the deal.
Alex and Stephen go to the local pub which Snow White uses as a front for his underground crime. At the meeting, Snow White hands them a package containing cannabis seeds which they are to hold on to until told to deliver at a location which would be communicated. The drop location is under surveillance by the cops. As Alex and Stephen make to leave the pub, a young beautiful lady Hannah walks in, Alex is immediately drawn in by her and she is unsure what she feels at that very moment. Alex is so carried away by her presence but is brought back to reality by Hannah’s ever present bodyguard Tattoo. Alex and Stephen depart the pub and head home.
Alex and Stephen arrive at home still shaking from the fear Snow White exhumes. Alex is soothed by the image of Hannah as Stephen reminds him not to go there citing she the Boss’ girl. Stephen puts the package in the fridge and goes to bed, Alex is left thinking about Hannah.
The morning after, Alex is awoken by the scent of cooking as Martin places a plate of pasta next to him. Alex is almost disgusted by the smell of the food, as Martin explains that it’s the seeds he found in the fridge he used to cook that is the cause of the smell. Alex stricken by fear as chaos erupts. Stephen emerges and is also visibly in shock. Alex comes up with a plan to seek out help to salvage the situation.
The plan takes them to a local store to seek help from an old friend Mickey were once again Alex encounters Hannah. Mickey helps out and asks them to go to another underboss at a Night Club which is a front for organised crime. This is where they come in contact with The Waiter. As Alex goes into the back office to meet with the underboss, Stephen steps out to ease his nerves with a smoke. As Alex and Stephen return to the bar, Martin is nowhere to be found. Alex and Stephen search for him. Only to receive a picture of Martin tied up and gagged. Martin has been kidnapped.
As Alex sits in his living room wondering where it all went wrong, he receives a call from an unknown male who gives him a location for a meeting to discuss terms of Martin’s release. Upon arrival, Alex is in disbelief as he sees The Waiter emerges. The Waiter demands the package for Martin’s release. Alex cajoles him to accept a percentage of the cut instead. Alex departs the park fuming.
Alex returns home only to find Hannah sitting in his living room, invited over my Stephen who secretly went back to the Night Club to try ask if anyone saw anything but instead runs into Hannah who he seeks help from.
Martin is kept at an unknown location but soon escapes as his intelligence is no match for the Goon who The Waiter kept in charge of Martin. Martin runs down the street and seeks shelter in a store. The Shop Owner helps Martin with a phone which he uses to contact Alex to inform that he had escaped and also to tell about the plot by The Waiter which he had earlier eaves dropped on.
As the story unfolds, The Waiter’s plans back fired as he begs for his life as Hannah comes into play who threatens to report him to Snow White. Martin comes up with a plan to have The Waiter deliver the package on behalf of the Kings as the Kings head back to Snow White to tell him about all that has happened.

Article by Bluewaters7

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