Talking Dolls

”Talking Dolls” follows the lives of two colourful and opposite characters, that find love / affection with each other and lose more than they bargain for. It is a dark drama that vividly captures the emotional and psychological trauma that can lead a human being to contemplate the very worse of actions without regards to […]

Tied Up

Marc Adebesin, CEO, Bluewaters Solutions teams up with international multi-award winning filmmaker, Niyi Towolawi of HekCentrik Films to produce a hilarious suspense filled short film, Tied Up, in stunning 4K cinema quality. Set and shot in UK, the 7 minute film stars recent graduates from leading film and drama schools in the country. The story […]

The 3 Kings

3 KINGS is a movie that centre’s around 3 cousins, Alex King, Stephen King & Martin Luther King. Alex King is the eldest and most mature and the one who has been providing for the house which they live in. Stephen is a bit of a rebel and rather free minded. Doesn’t work but somehow […]