Marc Adebesin, (Bluewaters Solutions) teams up with international multi-award winning filmmaker, Niyi Towolawi of HekCentrik Films to produce a hilarious suspense filled short film, Tied Up, in stunning 4K cinema quality.

Set and shot in UK, the 7 minute film stars recent graduates from leading film and drama schools in the country. The story starts with Nigerian raised, Lebanese Fares Boulos about to get lucky with an amorous lady friend before things take one interesting turn after another.

“It was a great opportunity to work again with my oga, Niyi Towolawi, after Turning Point, and I had an incredible time shooting ”Tied Up” with the cast and crew”, says Fares.

Marc Adebesin: “the art of producing and making movies is all about make believe and understanding what is in frame and what is out of it.

The first of regular planned short films, the production follows a natural desire to engage the UK’s film making community with the producer, having promoted the UK film industry over the years, partners with the director, known for his uncompromising quality, in an effort for the duo to champion the development of upcoming screen talent in the UK.

Article by Bluewaters7

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